MetaLeach Limited is focused on the commercialisation of its breakthrough mineral processing leaching technologies

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Site last updated 4th July 2023.

MetaLeach® was set up to own the proprietary and novel leaching technologies AmmLeach®, NickeLeach®, HyperLeach® and MoReLeach™ which have been developed over more than 10 years on global research & development.  These technologies are all protected by an extensive and rigorous intellectual property strategy, including a comprehensive suite of patent applications in targeted countries around the world.

MetaLeach’s business objective is to become successful focused on the lowest cost processing of the base metals which are integral to the delivery of technologies and products for now and the future, especially ‘energy and battery’ metals.

The business objective will be achieved from the commercialisation of its proprietary patented hydrometallurgical metals processing technologies (“Leaching Technologies”) and potential strategic partnerships in producing mines and through equity and/or licences with royalty positions in advanced projects.

The Leaching Technologies have the potential to revolutionise the extraction processes for many base metal deposits, reducing capital and operating costs and/or improving recoveries, and hence enhancing operating margins at the mine site.  Being capable of producing metal or high value product on-site greatly enhances the mine gate economics compared to conventional concentrators. In addition, in many cases the technologies will enable the treatment of base metals deposits which hitherto have not been possible to treat.  The technologies are especially suitable for high-acid-consuming carbonate (oxide) hosted ores.

The merits of the Leaching Technologies and commercial adoption success are based on the potential for major operating and capital cost savings (at least c.30-40% vs current technologies) for suitable mines using the Leaching Technologies as the principal mineral processing method, to produce base metals or high value product at the mine site.

In addition, the Leaching Technologies offer other significant operating and environmental benefits, including a reduction in carbon footprint when compared to conventional processing methods.  The base metals of most commercial importance are essential for supplying the raw materials for the electric vehicle revolution, energy generation and storage technologies allied with ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) policies; i.e. copper, nickel, cobalt and zinc.

MetaLeach Processes Technical Overview