MetaLeach Limited is focused on the commercialisation of its breakthrough mineral processing leaching technologies

Welcome to MetaLeach Limited

Site last updated 18th September 2020.

MetaLeach Limited’s business is the commercialisation of its proprietary hydrometallurgical mineral processing technologies. These technologies have the potential to revolutionise the extraction processes for many base metals deposits by reducing costs, and hence enhancing operating margins, at the mine site.  In addition, many deposits that hitherto have not had viable processing options may be treatable.

MetaLeach owns the intellectual property to hydrometallurgical technologies, of which AmmLeach® (patents granted) is the most important.  AmmLeach® is an environmentally friendly, cost effective processes for the extraction of base metals from amenable ore deposits under ambient conditions, allowing the production of high value products at the mine site (i.e. metal powder or sheets).

The following are particular targets for the AmmLeach® process:

  • Copper oxide deposits
  • Copper/Cobalt oxide deposits
  • Zinc oxides deposits
  • Gold/Copper oxides and Silver/Zinc oxides (alkali leaching)